WCCC Board approves Advanced Technology Center & Latrobe Center purchases

Date Published: August 29, 2014

The Westmoreland County Community College board of trustees took action Wednesday, August 27 on several items related to its Latrobe Center and Advanced Technology Center construction projects.

To further equip the energy lab at the Advanced Technology Center, the board approved the following equipment purchases which will be funded by the ShaleNET grant:

  • Amatrol equipment purchased for $49,837.84 from Allegheny Education Systems
  • 12 Dell Latitude laptop computers purchased for $13,148.64 from Advanticom Inc.
  • FloBoss 107 Lab Skid well-site trainer purchased for $68,765.87 from Equipment & Controls.

For the Latrobe Center, the board approved a contract with Parkview Interiors to design and specify a furniture package not to exceed $13,400.

The trustees also ratified change orders totaling $800,896 for both projects. The majority of the change orders were required to remedy unforeseen issues which were discovered during the Advanced Technology Center renovation of 73,000 square feet of the former Sony plant in Mt. Pleasant. The change orders included the replacement of the fire sprinkler system and the removal of chemicals from the floor of the former industrial facility.

“When you go into an existing structure like the Sony plant there are usually more change orders than when you are building from the ground-up like the Latrobe Center,” said WCCC President Tuesday Stanley.

In personnel matters the board approved the following appointments to the college faculty and staff:

  • John E. Fibbi, of Monogahela, as director/Western Hub ShaleNET US Grant
  • Joseph M. Myers, of Apollo, as instructor/HVAC, Energy Systems and Controls
  • Cynthia A. Morris, of Latrobe, as instructor/Nursing
  • Carie A. Shedlock, of Manor, as instructor/Nursing

In other business the board took the following action:

  • Approved the renewal of the Financial Aid/Bookstore Interface Software License and annual user fee from Trimdata Corporation for $15,907.
  • Awarded a contract for the purchase of 25 Dell OptiPlex 3020 microcomputers, equipment, software, maintenance agreement and warranty for $22,750 from Advanticom, Inc. to equip the Business Lab in Founders Hall with funding from the Carl Perkins Grant.
  • Awarded contracts for the purchase of custodial supplies as follows: L. M. Colker Co, Inc., $25,081.78; Pitt Chemical & Sanitary Supply, $17,855.50; All American Poly Corp., $2.938; Paper Products Co., Inc., $2,126.75; Central Poly-Bag Corp., $1,970; and Calico Industries, Inc., $1,826.
  • Adopted a resolution to return artwork by Maggie Milono to her family. The artwork was donated by Albert Milono, husband of Maggie Milono prior to 2005.
  • Awarded a contract for the purchase of one 2014 Dodge Caravan from Hillview Motors, Inc., for $22,905. 
  • Authorized the college president in concurrence with the college solicitor to accept the proposal and enter into a contract with CJL Engineering at a fee not to exceed $12,900 to perform engineering services related to the renovations in the college student food court and the catering areas.
  • Authorized the college president in concurrence with the college solicitor, the board chair and the facilities committee chair to award a contract for the purchase and installation of a freezer/cooler for use by contracted catering.
  • Authorized the college president in concurrence with the college solicitor, the board chair and the facilities committee chair to execute project change orders for the Advanced Technology Center and the Latrobe Center. Change orders over $10,000 will be brought to the board for approval.
  • Approved the request of Joleen R. Henry, TAACCCT Career Coach be released from her 2014-15 contract effective August 1.
  • Approved resolutions recognizing the following retired faculty for their years of service: Beth Hoden, 34 years of service; Pauline Freedberg, 24 years of service; and Rebecca Zuzik, 11 years of service.
  • Amended the college policy for new hires to the part-time and full-time administrative staff regarding background checks and drug screen clearances.