Student Organizations


Currently, Westmoreland has over 20 recognized student organizations. These student-run groups range from those that were started to enhance student’s classroom learning based on their major field of study, such as the Student Nurses Association of PA, to those that were started by a group of students who have a passion for a certain interest, like Westmoreland Gaming or Anime Club.

Joining a student organization is one great way to get involved at Westmoreland! The existing organizations are a place to meet other students who are interested in something that you are, and they all have an advisor who works at Westmoreland and can help guide you along the way. Student organizations provide great experiences on and off-campus, like fundraisers, trips and community service activities – all great ways to develop leadership and communication skills that will help you succeed at Westmoreland!

For more information about student organizations, contact Katherine Hanold, Student Activities Coordinator,