Academic Programs


Westmoreland offers the associate of arts degree (AA), the associate of fine arts degree (AFA); the associate of applied science degree (AAS), diploma programs, and certificate programs. The following is the current list of programs offered. Click the link to learn more about the degree, classes and requirements.

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2017-18 College Catalog

Programs of Study

 Associate of Arts (AA)

Associate of Fine Arts (AFA)



Advanced Manfacturing and Robotics

Applied Industrial Technology, AAS

Architectural Drafting and Design, AAS


Baking and Pastry

Bionanotechnology, AAS


Communication Design

  • Communication Design, AAS
    • Graphics and Publishing Option, Certificate
    • Web and Mobile Option, Certificate
  • Graphic Design, AFA (tranfer)

Computer Information Systems

  • Computer Information Security
    • AAS
    • Certificate

Computer Numerical Control Technology

  • AAS
  • Computer Numerical Conrol I, Certificate
  • Computer Numerical Conrol II, Certificate
  • Computer Numerical Conrol III, Certificate
  • Computer Numerical Conrol IV, Certificate

Computer Technology

  • Networking Option
    • AAS
    • Certificate
  • Programming Option
    • AAS
    • Certificate
  • Technical Support Option, AAS
  • Computer Technology, Diploma
  • Database Application Development, Certificate
  • Fiber Optic Technologies, Certificate
  • Microcomputer Support, Certificate
  • PC Repair/A+, Certificate
  • Web Application, Certificate
  • Web Development, Certificate
  • Web Publishing Option, AAS

Criminal Justice

  • Criminal Justice, AA (transfer)
  • Criminal Justice, AAS
    • Information Security Option, AAS
    • Corrections Officer, Cerificate
    • Security Professional, Certificate

Culinary Arts

  • Apprenticeship, AAS
  • Aprenticeship, Diploma
  • Non-Apprenticeship, AAS
  • Non-Apprenticeship (Accelerated), AAS
  • Non-Apprenticeship, Diploma

Dental Assisting, Diploma
Dental Hygiene AAS
Diagnostic Medical Sonography, AAS

Dietetic Technology/Nutritional Services Management, AAS
Dining Room Management, Certificate

Drafting and Design Technology

  • Computer Aided Drafting and Design/Computer Aided Manuacturing Option, AAS
  • Mechanical Drafting and Design Option, AAS

Education/Pre-K - Grade 4

  • AAS
  • Diploma
  • Certificate

Education/Early Childhood Director, Certificate

Electrical Utility Technology, AAS
Electronics Engineering Technology, AAS
Engineering Technology, AAS

Expanded Functions Dental Assisting, Certificate

Fire Science Technology

  • AAS
  • Diploma
  • Certificate

Forensic Science Investigator Option, Certificate

Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration

  • AAS
  • Cerificate

Homeland Security

  • AAS
  • Certificate


  • Floriculture Option
    • AAS
    • Certificate
  • Landscape Design, Installationa nd Maintenance Option, AAS
  • Turfgrass Management Option
    • AAS
    • Certificate
  • Horticulture, Certificate
  • Landscape Design, Certificate
  • Landscape Installatoin and Maintenance, Certificate

Hospitality Management, Certificate
Hotel/Resort Management

  • AAS
  • Diploma
  • Certificate

Human Services/Social Work, AAS

Indusrial Electricity Technology, Certificate
Industrial Technology, Diploma
Journeyman Technology

  • AAS
  • Diploma
  • Journeyman Technology I, Certificate
  • Journeyman Technology II, Certificate
  • Journeyman Technology III, Certificate
  • Journeyman Technology IV, Certificate

Machine Technology

  • AAS
  • Machine Technology I, Certificate
  • Machine Technology Ii, Certificate
  • Machine Technology III, Certificate
  • Machine Technology IV, Certificate

Manufacturing Process Technology

  • Manufacturing Process Technology Option, AAS
  • Nanofabrication Manufacturing Option, AAS

Medical Assisting, Diploma
Medical/Healthcare Management

  • AAS
  • Diploma
  • Certificate
  • Medical Computer Support, Certificate

Multimedia and Photography

  • Multimedia Technology Option, AAS
  • Adobe Video Studio, Certificate
  • Photography
    • AAS
    • Certificate
  • Video/Television, Certificate

Natural Gas and Oil Technology Certificate


  • AAS
  • Advanced Standing to AAS for LPNs

Office Technology

  • Office Administration Option
    • AAS
    • Diploma
    • Certificate
  • Customer Service, Certificate


  • AAS
  • Diploma

Petroleum Technology, AAS
Petroleum and Industrial Process Operation Technology Certificate

Phlebotomy/Specimen Processing, Certifificate

Pipeline Mechanic, Certificate

Radiology Technology, AAS

Restaurant/Culinary Management

  • AAS
  • Diploma
    • Certificate

Science Technology Forensic Lab Technician Option, AAS

Welding Engineering Technology

  • AAS
  • Diploma
  • Welding Engineering Technology I, Certificate
  • Welding Engineering Technology II, Certificate
  • Welding Engineering Technology III, Certificate


Associate of Arts Degree (AA)

The associate in arts degree requires a minimum of 60 credits. All associate degree students are required to complete a core of 38-40 credit hours of general education courses, designed to broaden and enhance their educational experience, and 21-24 credit hours of transfer electives. The general education requirements are distributed over the areas of communications, humanities, social science, mathematics, natural science and computer science. The transfer electives may also be selected from the courses listed under general education degree requirements or up to 15 of the 24 credit hours may be selected from courses listed under elective courses. When selecting transfer electives, it is recommended that the student seek the guidance of a counselor or his/her academic advisor.

Associate of Applied Science Degree (AAS)

The associate in applied science degree requires the completion of at least 60 credit hours. Students take 15 hours of general education, one computer technology course, and specific program courses. Many courses completed for the associate in applied science degree may transfer to a four-year college. However, some credits may not transfer. The transfer of credits earned in an AAS degree depends on the senior institution's requirements.

Diploma and Certificate

Diploma programs require a minimum of 30 credit hours and are designed for students interested in specific career courses. Certificate programs consist of 15-23 credits and are specialized, short-term programs which focus on work force entry and/or development of specialized career skills.




The following programs can be completed entirely at any WCCC education center.

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