Graphic Design Option


The associate of fine arts in graphic design program offers a foundation curriculum parallel to the first two years of a baccalaureate in fine arts (BFA). As a transfer program, students will begin their graphic design program foundational learning experience before moving to a senior institution. Students completing the AFA program are prepared for a range of higher education options such as graphic design, brand identity, package design or environmental graphic design.

The program is designed to enhance student visual literacy and conceptual skills in a state-of-the-art environment. Adobe’s industry-leading digital communication tools and services lay the groundwork to facilitate innovative creative experiences.

The components of this program develop technical competency, while cultivating aesthetic judgment, artistic quality and thought maturity that will provide students with a broad range of options for their future careers in visual communications.

Associate of Graphic Communications Degree, AAS

The college also offers a graphic communications associate of applied science degree that prepares students for entry-level positions in production, sales and support in printing and publishing.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successfully completing this program, students will be able to:

  • outline key aspects and careers within the graphic design profession
  • identify major design movements and influences from historical, cultural and social perspectives
  • analyze and critique student, professional and historical design from multiple cultures and time periods
  • integrate layout, typography, imagery and color elements in combination with the principles of art, design and visual perception
  • experiment with concept development and visual planning strategies in the development of creative solutions for contemporary design issues
  • demonstrate solid foundation skills and competency in the use of analog and digital tools, emerging technology and software applications
  • incorporate safe practices in the use of various art/design materials, tools and equipment
  • demonstrate constructive, organized work habits and clear communication skills
  • prepare a portfolio of work that reflects a high level of conceptual engagement, knowledge and technical skills that demonstrates acceptable competencies for the AFA

Program Requirements (Total Credits—62)

GCT 100 Design Technology 1 credits
GCT 115 Design & Layout I 3 credits
GCT 131 Type & Publishing I 3 credits
GCT 151 Art & Illustration I 3 credits
GCT 215 Design & Layout II 3 credits
GCT 231 Type & Publishing II 3 credits
GCT 251 Art & Illustration II 3 credits
GCT 261 Digital Imaging & Editing II 3 credits
22 credits

General Education 
ENG 161 College Writing 3 credits
ENG 164 Advanced Composition 3 credits
GCT 161 Digital Imaging I 3 credits
MTH 157 College Algebra or MTH 161 Mod. College Math. 3 credits
Social Science Elective 3 credits
Natural Science Elective 4 credits
19 Credits

Other Required Courses 
ART 142 Typography or ART 143 Printmaking 3 credits
ART 158 American Art or ART 159 History of Graphic Design 3 credits
ART 160 Design I 3 credits
ART 162 Drawing I 3 credits
GCT 155 Graphics & Lettering I 3 credits
GCT 255 Graphics & Lettering II 3 credits
MED 160 Basic Photography 3 credits
21 credits

Recommended Sequence for Full-Time Students

Part-time students can complete this program by taking one or more courses each semester

Fall Semester 1 
ART 160 3 credits
ART 162 3 credits
GCT 100 1 credits
GCT 115 3 credits
GCT 151 3 credits
GCT 161 3 credits

Spring Semester 1 
ART 142 or 143 3 credits
ART 158 or 159 3 credits
GCT 131 3 credits
GCT 155 3 credits
MED 160 3 credits

Fall Semester 2 
ENG 161 3 credits
GCT 215 3 credits
GCT 231 3 credits
GCT 255 3 credits
Natural Science Elective 3 credits

Spring Semester 2 
ENG 164 3 credits
GCT 251 3 credits
GCT 261 3 credits
MTH 157 or 161 3 credits
Social Science Elective 3 credits