Withdrawal from Courses

Withdrawal from a course becomes official only after a Student Withdrawal Request is processed by the Records Office.

Students who wish to withdraw from a course or courses should request Student Withdrawal Request forms at the Student Services Success Center in Founders Hall. Forms are also available at the education centers.

  • Students who drop classes within the first three weeks of the semester will be dropped from the course and no record of the course will appear on the transcript.
  • Students who officially withdraw from a course after the third week but prior to the last day of the seventh week of the semester will receive a “W” on the transcript indicating withdrawal from the course.
  • Students who withdraw after the seventh week but before the thirteenth week of the semester will receive a W or F grade as determined by the instructor .
  • Withdrawals are not permitted after the thirteenth week.
  • Students who initially attend class but due to poor attendance and/or participation, are not making satisfactory progress may be recommended for withdrawal by the instructor after the third week and prior to the end of the twelfth week of the semester.

Students recommended for withdrawal are notified by the Records Office and receive a “W” on the transcript