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2017-2018 Financial Aid Forms 

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Verification Worksheet

Submit only if requested. Your FAFSA was selected for standard verification.

Tax Transcripts – FAFSA Verification

This document will explain how to request IRS tax information and provide steps to use the IRS Data Retrieval Tool to transfer your income tax information to the FAFSA.

Untaxed Income Form

Submit only if requested. Report all sources of untaxed income within the prior academic year, as required by the U.S. Department of Education.

Household Expenses (Resources) Form

Submit only if requested. The income reported on your FAFSA appears insufficient to support your household size. Independent students and parents of dependent students are required to complete all sections of this form to clarify how your living expenses are currently being met.

High School Confirmation Form

Submit only if requested. The U.S. Department of Education has requested verification of your high school completion.

Statement of Educational Purpose

Submit only if requested. The U.S. Department of Education has requested verification of your identity and statement of educational purpose. This form must be completed in the presence of the Financial Aid Office.

Confirmation of Independence

Submit only if requested. Confirm your dependency status; this form will provide instructions concerning additional documentation required.

Dependency Override Request Form

Submit if you are requesting the Financial Aid Office to review your special circumstance for a dependency override and permit you to complete the FAFSA as an independent student.

Special Circumstances Request Form

Submit if you have experienced significant changes to your financial situation, such as loss of employment. Along with this form, you must complete the Verification Form and provide documentation of loss.

Marital Status Form

Submit only if requested. You either indicated on the FAFSA that you are married or included a spouse in the Household Chart of the Verification Form while using the Head of Household/Single on taxes for 2015. This conflicting information must be resolved before awarding any financial aid.

Missing Signature Form

Submit only if requested. The FAFSA was not signed during the initial application process.

Missing Parental Information

Submit only if requested. You did not complete the FAFSA with parental information. It will explain the various options you have and give you instructions.

Loan Change Form

This form may be submitted if you need to request a change or cancellation in your Federal Direct Student Loans.

Summer Aid Request Form 

This form is completed prior to the Summer semester to alert the Financial Aid office that you wish to utilize your remaining federal funding (if applicable) for summer financing.





Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal Form

This form is required when you need to appeal your pace of completion or Grade point average for all attempted coursework.



Maximum Time Frame Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal Form 

The MTF SAP form is required when you need to appeal your maximum time frame for your current degree seeking program of study.



VA Enrollment Verification Form

The Veteran’s Request for Certification is submitted each semester to alert the school’s VA Certifying Officer of the program of study and coursework you will attempt for the semester.



Indiana Sponsorship Form

Submit this sponsorship form to become eligible to receive Indiana County funding. This award is limited to Indiana County Residents only.


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